Last week I started a new role as a weekly columnist at BP Boston. In this new role I will be writing an article each week on a Red Sox related topic of my choosing. I will also be continuing with game recaps through the season and roster recaps at the end of the season, but doing fewer (or perhaps none) of the Read Sox, and Fenway’s Future articles that I have been responsible for over the last two years. This is an exciting development.

My first piece in this columnist role went live at the site last week. I wrote about how the 2016 Red Sox offense thrived in two-strike counts. As a group the Red Sox were much better than the rest of the league when the count got to two-strikes, and on an individual level many of the everyday players outperformed their historical level. As we saw that makes for a potent offense, but also suggests there is some regression coming this season.

Head over to BP Boston to check it out: Hitting with Two Strikes: Can the Red Sox Do It Again?

Note: This post is a copy of a post from my previous site.