Ahead of the Red Sox’s American League Division Series against the Houston Astros, I have a piece up at BP Boston that dives into how the Red Sox’s style of play matches up against the Astros. Specifically I looked at how the Red Sox’s aggressive running on the bases, ability to make a lot of contact, and excellent defense give them advantages in the series. There is no doubt that the Red Sox are the underdog in the series, but anything can happen in a five-game series, so of course it is possible that the Red Sox can knock-off the 100-win-juggernaut from Houston.

Head to BP Boston to read more about this ALDS matchup: Where the Red Sox Have the Advantage

Update (October 7, 2017)

Things have gone terribly in the first two games of the series. Game 1: 8-2 loss. Game 2: 8-2 loss. The Red Sox have looked lifeless, while the Astros have been banging the hell out of the ball. It is ugly stuff so far. None of my analysis about the Red Sox’s style of play has been relevant so far. Hard to be aggressive on the bases when you don’t get on base, they are striking out more than usual, and it is hard to defend home runs and all the rockets off the Astros’ bats. Hopefully the off-day today and getting back to Fenway Park helps the Red Sox get things turned around enough to start a three-game win streak and a dramatic series win.

Update (October 10, 2017)

The Red Sox managed to grab a win in Game 3 and fought valiantly in Game 4, but ultimately came up short and lost the series. It was disappointing to be sure, but even though the Red Sox’s season is over I am not filled with anger/despair. They lost to a better team and have a bright future. In many ways 2017 represents the start of a string of competitive seasons for the team’s young core. With a few tweaks (e.g., slugging first baseman, starting pitching depth) the team should be right back in an ALDS next season, ideally with a better chance of winning.