My third entry into this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series was posted yesterday. I reviewed Rick Porcello’s post-Cy Young season, which was anything but a Cy Young worthy performance. Porcello struggled in 2017. He allowed a lot of hard contact, walked more batters than is typical for him, and tended to put the team in a hole in the first few innings. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what drove Porcello’s problems in 2017, but the reality is that at this point in his career we should probably expect him to perform more like he did in 2017 than like he did in his Cy Young winning 2016 season. This means he will take the ball every fifth day, racking up 180ish innings of league average pitching in the process. It is important to remember that there is real value in that, especially from someone at the backend of the rotation.

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