Welcome! This is my personal website and blog, where you will (mostly) find my research, analysis, and writing about the game of baseball. Links to selected pieces can be found on the Portfolio page. Currently, I am not writing for an outlet other than this site, but my work has appeared at Baseball Prospectus Boston and at Beyond the Box Score. At Baseball Prospectus Boston I worked as a columnist focused on covering the Boston Red Sox. BP Boston was part of Baseball Prospectus, which is one of baseball’s leading analytical outlets. The Boston local-site was an excellent source for Red Sox content, but is unfortunately now defunct. You can find the work I did there here or here. At Beyond the Box Score I worked as a contributor, before moving into a role as a featured writer and editor. An archive of my writing for BtBS can be found here.

Before getting myself into baseball analysis and writing, I trained as a cognitive psychologist. I completed an undergraduate degree in psychology at Mount Allison University, and then completed my Ph.D. at McMaster University. My doctoral research focused on understanding the human spatial memory system. Specifically, I examined spatial reference frames and the contribution of body-based information for spatial updating. After completing my doctoral degree, I started a postdoctoral fellowship in the Applied Cognition in Education Laboratory at McMaster University. My postdoctoral fellowship was centered around applying established principles of human memory and attention to refining processes of teaching and learning. I have not been active in these fields for many years — for more on my past academic pursuits, check out my academic life page — but I am still very interested in those topics and the higher education system in Canada. As such, I am currently working as a Policy and Research Analyst at the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC), where I coordinate the Graduate Outcomes Survey program and report on a range of subjects (e.g., inequitable access to higher education in the Maritimes).

Links for every post made at this site can be found in the archive and if you want to review older work, my previous website has a complete pre-2017 archive. If you have questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions for my work or the site, feel free to contact me via Email using the colorful links below. Finally, if you are interested in receiving an email when new content is posted, you can subscribe to the site and/or make use of the RSS link below.

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