We are still in 2017-review/early-2018-preview mode at BP Boston. Other writers have looked at silver linings, potential acquisitions, and players who need to bounce back. I kept things going by homing-in on what I think are three important questions for the 2018 Red Sox:

  1. Will David Price and Chris Sale combine for 60 or more starts?
  2. Will the offense hit more than 185 home runs?
  3. Will the new manager’s era be characterized by sustained player development and forward thinking?

Head to BP Boston to read my thoughts on each of these items: Thinking Ahead to 2018.

The third question picks up on last week’s article in which I discussed the Red Sox’s managerial search and the qualities I desire in their next manager. At this point it seems like Alex Cora will be hired as soon as the ALCS is complete:

However, Red Sox President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski has suggested they are still in the process of interviewing candidates and no final decision has been made:

Despite the conflicting reports, I suspect it is a done deal and Dombrowski wants to make the final announcement at an appropriate time (and not on Twitter). Cora may have found out the good news yesterday, as he was pretty happy on Twitter:

I have been banging the drum that we have no idea how Cora will fare as a manager and should probably pump the brakes on labelling him a ‘perfect fit’. But the fact that he is (relatively) young, an ex-position player, able to speak Spanish, reportedly very intelligent, familiar with intensity of the Boston market, and that he will be coming from an analytically-inclined organization all bode well for his success. Hopefully it works out.