The 2017 season is now officially over; how did my predictions go? The Houston Astros bested the Los Angeles Dodgers in a very exciting World Series. The back-and-forths between these two 100-win teams pushed things to the limit. Unfortunately, Game Seven of this series was not a great game. The Astros scored all the runs they would need to win on the first 11 pitches of the game, and really put things away in the second inning. Regardless, Game Sevens are fun! If you don’t want to take my word for it, let ZaZa Pachulia convince you. This finale of the 2017 World Series got me wondering about Red Sox Game Sevens. How often have they been in one? How have they performed? Were the games exciting? As a Red Sox fan, I am sure I found them to be exciting, but what about for an average fan?

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