Red Sox Roster Recap - Brian Johnson

We are working our way to the end of this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series, as such I wrote about left-handed pitching prospect (sort of) Brian Johnson. Johnson has had a tough go of it over the last few seasons. He has dealt with... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Sam Travis

Another contribution of mine to this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series went up at the site this morning. I reviewed Red Sox’s top prospect Sam Travis’ season. The moves the Red Sox have made at the first base position over the last few offseasons... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Carson Smith

Yesterday, my latest entry into this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series went up at the site. I wrote about Carson Smith’s return to the major leagues after having undergone Tommy John Surgery in May 2016. Smith did not throw many innings for the Red... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Rick Porcello

My third entry into this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series was posted yesterday. I reviewed Rick Porcello’s post-Cy Young season, which was anything but a Cy Young worthy performance. Porcello struggled in 2017. He allowed a lot of hard contact, walked more batters than... [Read More]
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Reviewing My Predictions for the 2017 Season

Each year I take time to review how my preseason picks for the playoff teams and my predictions for the major awards turned out. In many years this exercise takes the form of explaining why my picks were so poor, although last year I fared... [Read More]
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IBWAA MLB Season Awards for 2017

The awards for the 2017 season were announced over the course of this past week. Another excellent group of players were recognized and have some (more) hardware for their trophy cases. These awards are voted on by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Xander Bogaerts

My second entry for the BP Boston Roster Recap Series was posted this morning. For this entry I reviewed Xander Bogaerts season. As was the case last year for Xander, he had a stellar first-half and then things came undone in the second-half. In 2017,... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Eduardo Nunez

My first entry into this year’s Roster Recap Series at BP Boston went up today. I dug into Eduardo Nunez’s time with the Red Sox. Nunez came to the team in a trade deadline acquisition that many, including me, thought was an underwhelming addition. Well,... [Read More]
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A Memory Featuring Roy Halladay

Yesterday, former Blue Jays and Phillies star Roy Halladay died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico. Halladay, one of the best pitchers of his generation, is likely to be enshrined in Cooperstown. It is a terrible shame he will not get to... [Read More]
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Game Sevens!

The 2017 season is now officially over; how did my predictions go? The Houston Astros bested the Los Angeles Dodgers in a very exciting World Series. The back-and-forths between these two 100-win teams pushed things to the limit. Unfortunately, Game Seven of this series was... [Read More]
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