A Joe Kelly Update

Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly is a hero in Boston these days because he did a dumb thing. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves recognition, just not because he threw at a Yankee, beckoned him to a fight, and got suspended. Rather, he deserves recognition... [Read More]
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Baseball has an Activity Problem, Not a Pace Problem

Another month of baseball is almost in the books and I find myself re-annoyed with the increased attention to baseball’s pace of play problem and all the calls for major league baseball to do something about it. Perhaps it stems from years of being one... [Read More]
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Predicting the 2018 Season

Opening Day in the MLB is tomorrow! Finally! As is the case every year, I am very excited that another season of major league baseball is upon us. With the season ready to start, it is time for some annual fun: predicting the playoff teams... [Read More]
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One GOAT Throws to Another

I primarily use the Twitter Like button as a bookmarking tool for interesting-seeming articles. Recently, I had some time to go through a bunch of the tweets I liked and read the corresponding articles. These included great pieces from The Ringer’s Ben Lindbergh on baseball’s... [Read More]
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My Hall Thoughts and Ballot

The 2018 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame inductees will be announced tomorrow night (January 24th). I suspect it will be a relatively large class, with at least four players gaining enshrinement. Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman seem like locks, while... [Read More]
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I launched an Apps page that has information and links to Shiny Apps I have developed. At the time of this post, there are two apps on the page: [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Brian Johnson

We are working our way to the end of this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series, as such I wrote about left-handed pitching prospect (sort of) Brian Johnson. Johnson has had a tough go of it over the last few seasons. He has dealt with... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Sam Travis

Another contribution of mine to this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series went up at the site this morning. I reviewed Red Sox’s top prospect Sam Travis’ season. The moves the Red Sox have made at the first base position over the last few offseasons... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Carson Smith

Yesterday, my latest entry into this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series went up at the site. I wrote about Carson Smith’s return to the major leagues after having undergone Tommy John Surgery in May 2016. Smith did not throw many innings for the Red... [Read More]
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Red Sox Roster Recap - Rick Porcello

My third entry into this year’s BP Boston Roster Recap Series was posted yesterday. I reviewed Rick Porcello’s post-Cy Young season, which was anything but a Cy Young worthy performance. Porcello struggled in 2017. He allowed a lot of hard contact, walked more batters than... [Read More]
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