Playing with Data from The Masters

I posted a new Shiny app to the Apps page that allows you to play with data from The Masters golf tournament. You can interact with a plot of yearly tournament results, explore each year’s final leaderboad, sort through historical performance leaderboards, see who are... [Read More]
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Another Round of Hall of Fame Voting

The 2019 National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees were announced last week. Mariano Rivera, Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay, and Edgar Martinez have each been assigned a permanent residency in Cooperstown. This is an excellent class. All four players are absolutely Hall of Famers. But there... [Read More]
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Updating the Numbers Related to Baseball's Activity Problem

This is long overdue, but here is a quick follow-up on baseball’s pace/inactivity problem I wrote about in April. Pace of play was a constant talking point around the game this past season, and discussion of the issue has persisted this winter. As I wrote... [Read More]
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Win Expectancy in Games 1-8 of the 2018 World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship has been underway since November 9th. World No. 1 player, Magnus Carlsen, is up against World No. 2 player, Fabiano Caruana. Having the top two players in the world vying for the title is excellent, and actually significantly rarer than I... [Read More]
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Reviewing My 2018 Predictions

A quick review of how I fared with my preseason picks for the playoff teams, pennant winners, World Series champion, and major award winners. [Read More]
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IBWAA MLB Season Awards for 2018

The awards for the 2018 season were announced over the course of last week. The awards are voted on by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA), of which I am still a member despite... [Read More]
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A Joe Kelly Update

Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly is a hero in Boston these days because he did a dumb thing. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves recognition, just not because he threw at a Yankee, beckoned him to a fight, and got suspended. Rather, he deserves recognition... [Read More]
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Baseball has an Activity Problem, Not a Pace Problem

Another month of baseball is almost in the books and I find myself re-annoyed with the increased attention to baseball’s pace of play problem and all the calls for major league baseball to do something about it. Perhaps it stems from years of being one... [Read More]
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